The dictionary defines fitness as the condition of being physically fit and healthy.  Here we define fitness as the ability to live your life with a sound mind, physical strength and a clear conscious.  While the body is a temple, we should care for it as such but also use this positive physical energy to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.  


We are a mobile fitness ministry, serving half way houses and rehabilitation centers on the weekends. 

Equipment is thoroughly sanitized each session but we ask that you wipe down and sanitize after use of any station.

Remember our equipment is provided by generous donors but we try to maintain the most efficient and up to date equipment possible.



There is no vanity in taking care of something designed so perfectly by our Creator.  We are all born into this world as equals; we must work to accomplish greatness.  It is not given to us at birth.  Instead the Lord gives us potential and ability to make this possible!

Fitness - Gains by Jesus